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An Advanced Disinfection Service

This advanced eco-friendly disinfection service is based on the technology of pulsed UV-C rays, generated by a xenon lamp.
This technology implemented by the Robotics LightStrike System is scientifically recognized as effective against SARS CoV-2, the pathogen that causes COVID-19.

It was successfully tested in a hostile environment at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, one of the world's leading independent research institutes for infectious diseases.

Today it is used by prestigious hotels and major international hospitals for its unprecedented efficiency and eco-friendly advantages.

Inhibiting DNA function

Destroying DNA strands

Damaging DNA links

Damaging cell walls and lysis

ADN Robotic disenfection


Pulsed at a high intensity, the UV-C rays of our LightStrike Robots perform on all surfaces thoroughly and at high speed. The full UV-C germicidal spectrum (200-315 nm) ensures the damage and destruction of spores, bacteria, viruses, fungi and multi-resistant microorganisms found on surfaces. 
Le spectre germicide UV-C complet (200-315 nm) assure ainsi endommagement et destruction de spores, bactéries, virus, champignons et micro-organismes multi-résistants présents sur les surfaces.

The LightStrike Robot by Xenex Disinfection Services is the first UV disinfection technology that deactivates SARS-CoV-2, the pathogen that causes COVID-19.

4 mechanisms of cell destruction 

The spectra of ultraviolet light (UV-C) for UV disinfection attacks pathogens on 4 levels:

  • • Photo-hydration: inhibiting DNA functioning
  • • Photo-division: destroying DNA strands
  • • Photo-dimerization: damaging the DNA links
  • • Photo-crosslinking: damaging cell walls and lysis

Whereas UV disinfection using mercury only damages the DNA of viral cells, the action of UV-C rays pulsed by a xenon lamp damages the cell walls and lysis, thus causing 99.99% irreversible damage to viruses.

The Xenex LightStrike Robot disinfects all spaces at 360°. It thus ensures the control of the risk of infection by people or contamination of objects and environments.


This robotized eco-friendly disinfection service is a major environmental breakthrough: 

- Non-toxic
- No chemicals
No residue

Both eco-friendly and cost-efficient: no need to add any other product for sanitizing.

Safe: no risk for the environment/the operator, and recyclable (xenon bulb)

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